Monday, January 23, 2012

Here Ways To Love Your Startup Book Review

The first, and most obvious thing I came to realize while reading this interesting book, is how much the author, Bruce Mancinelli loves Startups. My guess is that Bruce has hundreds of ways that he loves startups, but wanted to save some of "the Ways" for a sequel, or simply wished to limit the sheer volume of pages that might encompass. I share Bruce's enthusiasm for startups, and thus thoroughly enjoyed his sound, pragmatic and sometimes amusing advice and anecdotes. It should come as no surprise that Mancinelli loves startups, according to his biography, he has been involved with seven startups and is currently the Executive Director of INC.spire, a business incubator program and part of the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce. INC.spire is a very successful incubator program having enjoyed a 96% graduation success with its clients.

50 Ways To Love Your Startup offers entrepreneurs, would be entrepreneurs, and home office type businesses (SOHO) a pragmatic, step by step approach to creating or accelerating a startup. Succinct reviews of important startup mechanics including:

Landing the big idea
Writing a coherent, measurable and actionable business plan
Insuring your business, business basics for startups
Budgeting, cash management and the importance of zealous bill collection
Marketing - both tradition, web and buzz
And responding to surprises and challenges
The author offers clear and succinct advice on helping would be entrepreneurs become successful entrepreneurs.

Though there are many worthwhile chapters, or should I say, "Ways to love your startup", several seemed particularly germane considering the current business climate for entrepreneurs. Ways 36 -38 discuss financing and financing alternatives including microloans, the SBA, peer to peer and incubator alternatives. And Way 38, Don't Forget the Company is an important credo. I concur that raising capital is not the company's business, quoting that second half of the title from Way 38. And for any entrepreneurs getting that sinking feeling, Way 26, Man the Ship, Chip: Avoid Titanic Events seems like a natural.

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